I believe in health for EVERY body. Using movement, nutrition, meditation  and mindfulness practices, I support and empower individuals on their  path to live healthfully and strong. I believe in the body's innate  wisdom and dynamic ability to heal, adapt and grow stronger when  supported and given the optimal conditions with which to do so. And  because that will look differently for each person, I listen first.

I believe in ongoing self care and sustainability with  regard to health and fitness. While you may work toward specific goals  and milestones, the real work is in sustaining and prioritizing health  on a daily basis in the midst of the ever-changing circumstances of  life. I call this dynamic balance. And I believe our setbacks (illness,  injury or other stressors) can inform and empower us and make us even  stronger when we learn how to tune in and listen to our own innate  wisdom.

I have worked with clients ranging in age from 16 to 82,  from athletes and professional dancers to busy professionals and  stay-at-home parents to people with chronic diseases and limited  mobility. And while the goals and challenges of people I work with vary  greatly, helping each individual access and develop their power and  strength is the focus of the work we do together.

I have been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2009 and a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner since 2013. I have a background in martial arts and am currently a student in Integrated Movement Therapy.

Prior to entering the field of health and wellness, I  worked for many years in the service industry and also in social justice  as a grassroots community organizer.

"Working  with Rebecca has profoundly influenced my practice as a dance artist  and educator. She has guided me to blend my movement vocabulary with  strength building and recovery methods that have drastically transformed  the way I move and teach." - Kate Wallich