Personal Training

Custom  workout sessions include but are not limited to strength training,  cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning, balance, core training,  corrective movement, injury recovery, and mobility. Sessions take place  in a gym/studio, as well as outdoors, in the Mt. Baker neighborhood of  Seattle.

Nutritional Therapy

Increase  and stabilize energy, manage weight, empower recovery from injury and  reduce inflammation. I offer in-person as well as distance sessions over  the phone.

Guided Meditations & Mindfulness Practice

The  optimal state for healing, recovery and digestion is one in which your  body is in a parasympathetic state. Empower this process with a 1-on-1  guided meditation session and learn ways to incorporate this practice  into your daily life. Available in person as well as over the phone or  via Skype or FaceTime.

Workshops & Classes

Private  fitness classes, as well as nutrition and meditation workshops  available. Please provide the size of your group, as well as the type of  class or workshop you are interested in in your contact message.